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How I am doing things differently in 2018!

January 2, 2018

One thing that I am oh so grateful for at the moment is my INTUITION. The time that I have spent trying to work more with you and listen to you is paying off.


Today, I have been writing lists, searching for what professional development courses I am going to do, what I will cook for school lunches, menu planning for the month, listening to podcasts, reading emails,  thinking about what I what to do work wise this year, caring for the three boys, washing and folding clothes & cleaning! Part way through washing up, I “heard” my intuition say “Stop this is not working for you!”


This way of controlling, always planning and feeling “stuck” is not working. I stopped washing up and went away to journal. Wow! Powerful!


This is what I wrote:


How can I create anything when I don’t have space?


Space to think.


Space to Be.


Space to plan.


Something that I feel I am always craving is SPACE.


Space free of clutter.


Space in my mind. Silence from overthinking.


Physical space where I don’t have crying children at my feet.


Space where I can turn inwards, reflect and meditate.


Space where I am not always the one holding space for others.


A space where I don’t have to be “on”.


A space where I can surrender and let go.


When I have space I feel creative and free.


In order to have this space, I/you need to surrender.


Surrender what you cannot control and embody presence, patience and flexibility.


Surrender your need for perfection.


Surrender your need to control.


Surrender your rigidity.


Surrender the things that you cannot change.


Surrender your need to over achieve.


Surrender your need to be the space holder for everyone.


Surrender your critical mind.


Surrender and let go of your fears and anxieties.


Surrender the comparisons.


Surrender the feeling of not being good enough, or knowing enough.


Surrender the need to always do more.


Be better.


Learn more.


Create more.


Plan more.


Just be.


Be where you are at.


Turn inwards for the answers. Not outwards.


Stop searching outside of yourself. Looking for that guru who will make you a better mother, person and practitioner.




Trust that the answers are coming.


Trust that you are being guided.


Trust that THIS is the way.


To create the space you need, you need to surrender, let go, stop searching and just be. Embody presence, faith and patience and you will receive what it is you are desiring; SPACE.


I can't say that this is going to be easy but I know that it is necessary. Bring it on 2018...I am ready to create space and surrender!!!!!




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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