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Does your to-do-list match your values?

October 6, 2016

Life is busy. There is often a never-ending to-do-list, competing priorities, and a juggling of multiple roles.  It can be difficult to find the balance between work and play.  Mothers, in particular, are known to spend their days multi-tasking. Eating breakfast whilst breastfeeding a baby, cooking dinner whilst carrying a sick toddler, making work phone calls whilst playing on the floor, folding washing whilst helping with homework. The list of tasks that need to be done throughout the day can make mothers feel anxious and overwhelmed. This can contribute to feelings of failure and getting stuck in a cycle of negative thought patterns.


There are only so many hours in a day and only so much that can be achieved. The more flexible, compassionate and understanding that you are, the less stressed you are going to feel. Beating yourself up for not achieving all that you set out to do only leaves you feeling worse.


What if you started writing your to-do-list from the heart rather from your head?


Each morning, when thinking about everything you need to achieve or get done for the day, check in with yourself first and see what matches your value system. Prioritise those things that match in closest with your values. If you desire to be a mindful and connected parent, prioritise this over other daily chores. If feeding your family nutritious food is extremely important to you, prioritise this over those things that are not so important to you.


When you are not honouring the things that are most important to you, your life will feel unbalanced.


There will always be chores or tasks that still need to be done even though they are not a value-based priority. This is life. Being kind to yourself when these "tasks" are not always done is an important contributor towards your overall happiness.


Your children will remember how you made them feel when you sat down and played mindfully with them. Your loved ones will remember your warmth and smile rather than how clean the house was. Living a contented life is more important than rushing through life with high stress and no enjoyment.


What three things do you value the most in your life? Do your daily tasks currently reflect this value system? If not, how can you start making small changes right now to improve this?




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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